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Sports Medicine

Helping You Get Back in the Game

We live in the most active state in the US. People in Colorado love outdoor activities and sports including skiing, snowboarding, hiking and biking. All these activities have their risks and sports-related injuries are common.

At Peak to Peak Family Medicine, we specialize in sports medicine and treating sports injuries that commonly occur to the knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, feet and ankles. There are four key aspects to sports medicine:

  • Preparation of the athlete or individual
  • Prevention of injury or illness
  • Diagnosis & treatment of the injury or illness
  • Rehabilitation & return to activity

Preparation (conditioning) is about diet, exercise and monitoring of practice sessions to improve specific aspects of your own performance such as speed, strength and endurance. We offer guidance in how to use specific exercises in physical medicine and rehabilitation to reach your goals. The benefits of proper conditioning include lower blood pressure, higher HDL cholesterol, improved disease resistance and better general well-being.

Prevention aims to identify any predisposition to injury or illness. It also covers warm-ups, stretching and the design and use of protective equipment. Many more advanced surgical techniques developed in sports medicine, particularly those used to treat shoulder and knee injuries, are now used for similar injuries in the general population.

Diagnosis and treatment of an illness or injury is the process of determining the core issue or actual cause of the illness or injury and formulating a plan of treatment.

Rehabilitation prepares an injured athlete to return to activity after treatment. If you need long-term rehabilitation therapies such as massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc., we can refer you to the most qualified specialist.

Dr. Yamamoto’s objectives for sports medicine are to:

  • Provide pain relief from injuries
  • Provide functional improvement or maintenance
  • Design exercise programs to enhance strength, mobility, endurance & coordination

Discover comprehensive sports medicine you can trust. Call Peak to Peak Family Medicine at 303.427.7700. Patients visit us from Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster and Wheat Ridge.